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Shoujo Ramune Episode 3


shoujo ramune 3

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Release Date

November 23, 2017

Upload Date

December 12, 2017

Alternate Titles

Shoujo Ramune 小女ラムネ 소녀 라무네 少女ラムネ

On the day of the summer festival, Chie shows her yukata-clad figure to Tachikawa. He compliments her and soon gets aroused due to the innocent, carefree “skinship” she shows him. Chie notices his erection, and Tachikawa takes her forcibly, pushing her down, taking off her clothes, and binding her wrists with the ribbon from her yukata. He creeps his tongue across her undeveloped body.

At the festival, Komako and Chie go off to watch the fireworks together. While they wait in an isolated clearing for the fireworks to begin, Komako confesses her love for Chie. Chie sincerely accepts Komako’s feelings for her.