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Saimin Jutsu 2nd Episode 1


saimin jutsu 2nd ep 1

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Release Date

October 24, 2008

Upload Date

March 16, 2017

Alternate Titles

Hypnosis Saimin Jutsu 2 Saimin Jutsu The Animation 2nd 최면술 2 催眠術 THE ANIMATION 2nd

Episode 1: The World of Illusions and Obscene Dreams

Based on the game by Black Rainbow.

Susumu is negative and introverted. He is just living a vacant life, always been reprimanded by his mother and never resisting it. All that changed the day he met a certain person that just moved to the Condo he and his mother live in, that would bring a dramatic change in his life... he is been taught hypnotism!

Susumu will use his new godly technique on his mother but first he will use it on his next door neighbours: that hot big busted Mother and her cute daughter...