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Flutter of Birds Episode : Tenshi-tachi no Tsubasa Episode 2


flutter of birds 2 tenshi tachi no tsubasa 2

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Release Date

August 22, 2003

Upload Date

December 16, 2018

Alternate Titles

Flutter of Birds 2 Flutter of Birds 2: Tenshi-tachi no Tsubasa Flutter of Birds 2: The Wings of Angels flutter of birds II 天使たちの翼 La aventura de Shin-ya 새들의 날개짓2

The miracle happens again... in another country-

The son of an Englishman and a Japanese woman, our main character is Shin'ya. Having grown up in his father's native land, he wanted to visit the homeland of his mother, who died when he was young. White snow covers the town of Kuramachi. His other hometown, the last trace of his mother. That is where his father and mother met and were married. And the time comes when Shin'ya's wish is granted. His aunt Miyu says she'll look after him at her church..

In his mother's hometown, Shin'ya injures his leg and goes to a clinic. As Shin'ya stays in the small, snow-covered town, waiting for his leg to heal, he encounters various young women. His encounter with the girl in the clinic who likes to read, Narumi, becomes one he'll never forget..