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Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidouji: Kanketsuhen Episode 1


choujin densetsu urotsukidouji kanketsuhen 1


Green Bunny

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Release Date

December 27, 1996

Upload Date

October 12, 2019

Alternate Titles

Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidouji: Kanketsuhen Urotsukidoji 5 Urotsukidōji V: Ostatni rozdział Urotsukidoji V: The Final Chapter Urotsukidouji 5 초신전설 우로츠키 동자 완결편 超神伝説うろつき童子 完結篇 超神伝説うろつき童子 完結編 超神伝説うろつき童子 超神誕生篇

Interestingly, the setup for the show was far more heavily connected with the first two, more popular, chapters in the Urotsukidoji saga, with appearances by Nagumo and Akemi (unseen since the early episodes of Part III), and redesigned character models that more closely resembled the earlier episodes. Some of the less popular characters introduced in chapters III and IV, particularly Buju, were nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, such strategies did little to get this final saga off the ground and the story was shelved.